A real Aussie outback town, less than 3 hours drive from Cairns

If you're in Cairns or close by on a vacation and grow tired of the tourist rat race, hire a car and head out to Almaden for the day. If you arrive in Almaden in the dry season you'll find it hard to find a blade of grass. Not only is the rainfall super low but any blade of grass that rares its head is quickly eaten by the cattle that roam the town and that's if the kangaroos don't get to it first. Arriving in Almaden from the coast is like arriving on another planet, so much is the change.

To get to a town anywhere near like Almaden you'd normally have to spend a few days heading into the outback on dirt roads. But not this little gem, the road is sealed all the way from Cairns.

The Railway Hotel is the center of town, and does the beer ever taste so good after the drive from Cairns. Best days to visit Almaden is when the train arrives - the Savannahlander - which arrives just two days a week (dry season only) The publican sets up a smorgasboard for the passengers and crew. Of course any visitors are welcome to join in for just $10 each. The train arrives each Wednesday afternoon at 1pm
and Saturday mornings at 11.45am. Lunch gets underway about 5 minutes after the train arrives and lasts for about half an hour. So don't be late or you'll miss out.

You'll probably make friends with some of the train passengers over lunch - remember this is a real country pub! People are friendly so you'll want to have finished your lunch and head over to the station when the train leaves to wave your new found friends goodbye. Once the train leaves there'll probably be just you, the publican and a few cattle to keep you company.Enjoy!

Check out the Savannahlander train timetable to be certain the train is running.
Or give the publican a call on 07 4094 8307